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NATO Standardization Document Database: NATO Standardization Document Database

this database provides the documents of the NATO Standardization Office

NATO Standardization Document Database


Shortly after the establishment of NATO, it was recognized that the co-ordinated development of policies, procedures and equipment of the member nations held great potential for enhancing the military effectiveness and efficiency of the fledgling Alliance. As a result, the Military Office for Standardization (MAS) was established in London in January 1951 for the purpose of fostering the standardization of operational and administrative practices and war material. In July 2014, as a result of the NATO Agencies Reform, the NSA became without change in its mission the NATO Standardization Office (NSO). An integrated NATO Headquarters staff element reporting to the Military Committee and the Committee for Standardization. This database provides the documents of the NSO. 


Deze databank is open access toegankelijk, je hoeft niet in te loggen.